How an outbound marketing strategy helped a new business get its first 9 clients in 30 days.


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Brandon Mehrgut

is a certified mindfulness coach and corporate trainer who loved teaching mindfulness in a relatable way that resonated with all forms of people. He has taught the U.S Government, Fortune 500’s, such as Disney, Volvo, Volkswagen, Chevron, Alibaba, and many others. After spending a decade in China, in 2020 Brandon moved to Austin, Texas. He wanted to build a new business catered towards teaching others to be mindfulness teachers and consciously collaborating with all to share mindfulness with the world. He came to Grow Now Digital to skip the hurdles of starting a new business and grow now!

Clarity creates consistency, consistency grows revenue. 

One of the key solutions we offered Brandon was a Growth Analysis.  This process allowed us to create a game plan on paper and have clarity on the necessary steps to scale towards Brandon’s goals.  

Although Brandon was successful when working with enterprises businesses, It was clear a relationship-driven marketing approach would be necessary in order to reach a new audience -- mindfulness teachers.  This also meant he would be dealing with a higher volume of leads and a sales management tool would be  key in operating his business effectively. Finally, he needed some marketing and product offer optimization. With a different market comes new beliefs, new “market terms” and different audience psychology. 

Now that we had outlined the obstacles that were holding Brandon back with his business, we were able to move forward with clarity and focus.

Leveraging LinkedIn

Finding professionals on popular social media platforms can usually be a problem, except for one platform that makes it super easy… say hello to LinkedIn! LinkedIn lets us connect with thousands of people filtered by their job title, “Mindfulness teacher” and their location, “United States”.  Modern Mindfulness relied on our consistent efforts to spark up conversations and bring them to booked calls for Brandon Mehrgut to hop on and close. We spent hours prospecting while he spent minutes closing. This allowed Brandon to focus on the sales and fulfillment of clients for his new business without being heavily stressed down by questions like, “will I get any leads today?”.  This process in only 30 days amounted to over 79 booked calls. Most of them had to be set two weeks out to keep up with Brandon’s fully booked schedule. Brandon was able to surprisingly keep up with all 79 booked leads and more with our second solution.

Managing leads with Pipedrive

We knew from our analysis that Modern Mindfulness would expect a bigger lead volume than average, so we had to set him up with an intuitive tool that would get him organized quickly and onboarded efficiently. Grow Now Digital values simplicity and clarity when it comes to setting up systems. We chose Pipedrive CRM because it would show Brandon the most relevant information when he needed it! That accessibility allowed Brandon to be nimble in constant sales calls and keep tabs on all his hot leads. Not soon after the setup, we were able to have far more meaningful conversations because he could easily reference different leads from the CRM and fill us in on specifics when he had questions or need our deeper optimization when reviewing his sales process. 

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Brandon was feeling in control of his business with a consistent lead flow and organized CRM to keep converting clients. 

The Numbers tell the story. 

After just 30 days of our engagement with Brandon and Modern Mindfulness, we were able to bring in 9 new paid coaching clients and 216 hot leads for future sales. Brandon was able to begin scaling his business operations quicker than he expected and with a smile brought on another key business partner as well as other employees. He was now working as a business owner and not succumbed to hoping each month if he would book any sales calls.

After two more months of our involvement in generating leads, we accumulated 311 booked calls for Modern Mindfulness.