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Kaira Ra leveraged Grow Now Digital to increase conversions, gain new insights into her business and create system efficiencies.


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Kaia Ra

is a world renowned spiritual author and divine feminine teacher.   Her work sparks interest most with women pursuing a more fulfilled life and to heal from their past traumas. Prior to Grow Now Digital, Kaia faced rapid growth from word of mouth and formed a strongly knit community that she built over the past few years. In order to prevent a blow to her capacity for client growth, she needed to develop a better system for her business quickly. Without a CRM or roadmap for customers, Kaia faced massive bottlenecks in sales and client management. She also struggled with articulating true ROI and Cost of Customer Acquisition. A better tracking system and attribution model would help greatly in knowing what marketing works and what does not work.

Our Growth Analysis confirmed the hypothesis that we had for Kaia Ra. There were various touchpoints of the customer journey that were not addressed.  Her remote team had a disconnect in clarity on which projects to focus on.  The Kaia Ra marketing strategy was effective but short term in success. She needed a system and strategy redesign. 

Aligning the team

The surge in growth brought in even more demand from referrals and her team needed to adopt. We created a customer journey map visual to get everyone on the same page. It broke down every touchpoint the customer would experience and how we could motivate them at those touchpoints to complete it. This gave us a framework to build the system stack and let the team have ownership in that creation.  Their input helped both Kaia Ra and Grow Now Digital implement the best possible system to grow and seamlessly scale revenue.

Integrations, Information and Increased Conversion. 

Beyond helping their team get aligned, Grow Now Digital helped Kaia Ra build attribution reporting and better analytics reporting for actionable insights that the team could implement. Because all lead and customer interactions were centralized, team members could view the whole picture and help them in real time. “We are able to quickly respond and offer support for customers when they need it most!”, said Ashley. 

Meanwhile Kaia Ra team found our Pipedrive CRM intuitive and easy to use. They could at bird’s eye view know where everyone was in the sales process. Kaia the owner could check in weekly and be fully aware of sales success, unlike before with constant back and forth chatter.  

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Ultimately the positive impact of the new system design helped Kaia Ra surpass seven figures in the first year working together with Grow Now Digital. Previously her business year over year hovered around the mid six figures. With a 7 figure year, we were able to step away with her business fully optimized and scalable for her team to manage.  The training we put in towards the end also allowed her team to self diagnose and repair any scaling issues going forward. Kaia Ra truly knows what it is like to Grow Now.