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needed an organized and improved CRM process to manage large volume leads with customized product needs.  They also needed help with navigating advertising platforms and overall marketing strategy.  We helped increase their leads by 749 inquiries and added an additional $386k in new revenue in only 6 months.

CBD/THC gummies continue to dominate the edibles market.  The population continues to move away from smoking and complicated devices.  Gummies are on the rise for their easy, discreet and convenient use.

BOLDMAKER saw an opportunity to capitalize on this upward trend by providing support to CBD/THC manufacturers with highest quality custom mold sheets. State laws require mold sheets to be created by a third party to improve quality and food grade safety measures.

As boldmaker continued to grow and take its share of the market, they began to face a problem with generating new client accounts.  Over years of burning the midnight oil and patchwork systems, they hit a plateau caused by the compilation of unorganized data and lead tracking chaos. Their database was a mess and they were stuck on where to start with online advertising. 

Growth Analysis Findings:

The first place we start with our clients is completing a growth analysis. 

We uncovered they had issues reaching their audience digitally and generating leads that convert to sales.  They lacked a full digital marketing strategy and execution game plan.  We also uncovered a lack of brand identity and awareness on social media platforms.  Leads only came from direct outreach of the sales team. Their current marketing systems had multiple software doing repetitive tracking as well as an unclear customer journey path.  All leads that were currently submitted had to be manually entered into their CRM causing a huge expense in manual labor.

Our Approach:

In order for Boldmaker to generate leads online they first needed to start with building an online presence. We combined our expertise with a branding agency to improve and solidify their brand on Facebook and Instagram. 

After establishing brand presence we tested the best digital platforms to reach their targeted audience. This business sells a restricted product. It's challenging to get approved for marketing online. We were able to run google ads to get approved for running campaigns. 

We targeted their audience by doing extensive keyword research to best target leads that can turn into customers 

After setting up a system to generate leads consistently we had to address the CRM and its issues. 

We were able to automate the data entry of leads into their CRM & optimize efficiency for the sales team. By cleaning up their tracking software.