Derek & Joshua

Derek and Josh are two entrepreneurs with a passion for life, adventure, and digital marketing. Their goal with Grow Now Digital is to help business owners gain clarity and expand their business for long-term sustainable growth.

Our story

We joined forces to bring a practical approach to marketing that allows your business to grow now. Derek is the digital business consultant that focuses on everything technical when it comes to marketing and strategies. Joshua is the growth mentor who focuses on making sure you have the right mindset to bring in success.

Derek Hurtado

Derek is a marketing technology fanatic, focused on developing the best systems for increasing digital marketing capabilities. He combines proven marketing systems with data to maximize online sales growth. Early on in his career he started out as a content creator where he would take his passion for capturing a vision and make it an online brand. As his skill sets and experience increased over the years, he realized there was an opportunity to use data and analytics for creating a complete picture of all digital marketing and advertising activities where he can attribute all leads to the marketing platform of which they came from.

Joshua Munoz

Joshua has over six years’ experience in the industry, perfecting the latest in digital strategies and techniques. With a priority of helping his clients reach both their short and long-term business goals, he applies all his experience to make this happen. He is an avid learner and reader, who believes in constant personal growth. The foundation and guiding principles of his success come from being a third degree black-belt and instructor in karate for over five years. You can rely on Josh as an integral part of your business strategy and success.